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Incense sticks or agarbatti have enormous religious significance, especially in India but besides that it is also used for many other other aesthetic reasons during meditation and in therapy because of its aromatic fragrance. We, Hoancau IEITP Co. Ltd., knowing its great value and demand, offer an impeccable variety of Incense sticks. The range consists of Agarwood Herbal Incense Sticks, Dhoop Incense, Cones Incense and many more. We use herbal ingredients often mixed with essential oil in its manufacturing so that the fragrance that it emits is totally pure and enchanting making the ambience/ environment naturally pleasing. Besides, this we also deal in Components used for incense manufacturing machine and Joss Powder, which is aromatic ingredient. We have constantly been praised for the quality we offer and that has earned us a respectable name as a manufacturer and exporter in the domestic and international market in over the years.   Read More

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