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  1. Rattan Sticks

    Incense Rattan Stick is widely used in temples, homes, or offices as well as in aromatherapy for both its aromatic as well as medicinal benefits. This incense stick is hand-crafted using high grade natural herbs, essential oils, resins, and other ingredients to ensure its chemical free nature. It burns slowly and smoothly to fill your air with a continuous fragrance and freshness. The incense stick is available in a myriad of soothing fragrances to choose from according to the mood of a person.
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  2. Incense Sticks

    Fill your mind & soul with positive energy with a whiff of enchanting fragrance of Incense Sticks. These sticks are made from completely natural products such as flower petals, resins, or aromatic oils and are rolled on sturdy wooden sticks. They are available in a wide variety of different variants of fragrances such as rose, sandalwood, jasmine, lavender, or black rose and are used in temples or homes to add a soothing fragrance to the air. These sticks are environmental friendly and do not irritate the nose or eyes after inhalation.
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  3. Agarbatti Raw Material

    Make various beautifully fragranced incense sticks and incense cones with the aromatic range of Agarbatti Raw Material. The accurate formulation and non-toxic nature of the material is ideal for making various incense sticks of low smoke and with soothing fragrance. It is easy to use and one only has to add water to make dough for Agarbatti and then rolling it by hand or machine. The offered raw material is available in various variants such as like Agarbatti Ready Premix Powder, Kupam Dust Powder, Joss Powder, Wood Powder, Charcoal Powder, Nudwa Powder, and Bamboo Sticks to fulfill the desired requirement of the user.
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  4. Raw Mosquito Incense Sticks

    Keep the mosquitoes away from your kids and loved ones by burning the aromatic Mosquito Incense Sticks. These incense sticks are filled with the goodness of citronella, 100% natural plant oils and organic ingredient. They act as an excellent mosquito repellent as well as have pleasant aroma to add a light fragrance to your surroundings. These sticks are safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly along with soothing your mind & senses with their mesmerizing fragrance and also, protecting you from harmful mosquito bites. They are completely organic and herbal with 0% pesticides and harmful insecticides.
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  5. Yellow Raw Agarbatti

    Indulge your senses in the floral aroma and freshness with a wide range of lightly fragranced Yellow Raw Agarbatti. This agarbatti is made using premium grade of floral aromatic compounds and essential oils to achieve a mildly fragranced incense sticks that soothes your mind and soul without being irritating. It is available in different range of aromatic flavors including rose, jasmine, and lavender as well as has long aromatic life. The floral agarbatti will fill your heart and mind with positive energy along with filling the air with a whiff enchanting aroma.
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  6. Color Incense Sticks

    Enjoy a comforting, mild, and relaxing fragrance of Color Incense Sticks and calm your mind & soul. These sticks are crafted from high-quality natural aromatic oils and compounds to burn in an even manner without harming the environment or irritating the noses & eyes of the person. They have extended aromatic life and emit one’s favourite fragrance in a smooth course. These incense sticks are widely used in temples, homes, or offices to fill the air with a lovely fragrance as well as to calm a restless mind with a sense of freshness.
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  7. Raw Incense Stick

    Raw Incense Stick spreads a mesmerizing and soothing fragrance filled with love in the environment. This incense stick is crafted from completely all-natural ingredients and without any use of artificial scents, colors, chemicals, or preservatives. Indulge your senses in herbal aroma as it is fragranced only with petals, roots, pure essential oils, woods and resins, and colored with organic dyes. This incense stick has gentle, clean and low smoke burning without causing any irritation in eyes or nose as well as is eco-friendly and non-toxic, making it safe for everyday use.
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  8. Agarwood Herbal Incense Sticks

    Agarwood Herbal Incense Sticks are naturally and organically crafted aromatic sticks that are made from the best natural essential oils, roots, herbs and resins. These incense sticks are known for both its aromatic as well as medicinal benefits, making it widely suitable for aromatherapy. They are widely used in various temples, offices, or homes to purify the air as well as to infuse it with a pleasant fragrance. The herbal incense sticks are available in various soothing fragrances and infuses the air with a sense of soothing grace with its musky and reviving fragrance.
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  9. Dhoop Incense Sticks

    Dhoop Incense Sticks are made from natural ingredients that are artisanally hand grounded, mixed and rolled in small batches on the wooden sticks. These sticks are made with love and purity as well as are extensively used to make environment pleasant and fresh with a sense of calmness. They are acknowledged for their unforgettable natural aroma and distinct flavor as they do not contain any harmful chemicals and are completely eco friendly. These dhoop sticks are less smoky, non-toxic and eco-friendly in nature along with longer aromatic life.
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  10. Incense Cones

    Incense Cones are small conical shaped aromatic masses of hardened incense that are made up of completely natural essential oils, flower petals, roots and resins and colored with organic pigments. These cones are widely used in various homes, temples, and offices as well as for medicinal purposes in aromatherapy as they are completely organic with pleasant and soothing aroma. They are available in the wide range of fragrances and different package sizes to choose from according to the mood of a person.
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